Forwarding email

This tutorial will show you how to automatically forward email from your Webmail address to another email address.

Note: Email that has been identified as spam by our system will be trapped by the Webmail Spam filter and will not be forwarded. The reason for this is that when a piece of spam email is forwarded by our server, the receiving server considers us to be the source of the spam even though we weren't the original sender. If too much spam email is forwarded by our system, it can result in our forwarding server being blacklisted. Blacklists temporarily prevent any email from being forwarded for all email addresses in our system. This is extremely disruptive to our customers. By filtering email for spam before forwarding, we are able to provide a more reliable email forwarding service.

If email from legitimate senders is going to your Spam folder, you can add their email addresses or domains to your Allowed Senders list. This will mark all email from those senders as safe and all new messages from those senders will be forwarded.

For more information, see "Using the Allowed and Blocked Senders lists".

To forward email from your email account to another email address:

1. Click Settings.

2. In the Settings pane, click Mail Forwarding.

3. In the Forwarding Recipients text box, enter the addresses to which you want to forward your messages.  

4. Be sure to separate multiple addresses with a comma.

5. Click to put a check in the Enabled box.

Optionally, to leave a copy of forwarded messages in your Webmail account, click to put a check in the Keep local copy box.

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