Renew my Email Address

All email addresses in RealNames are set to auto-renew.

One year after they are purchased, RealNames will attempt to charge your credit card for the price of the email service. If the charge goes through successfully, your email is automatically renewed for 1 more year. If the charge fails to go through, your email address will be deactivated on the expiry date, and you will no longer have access to your mailbox, nor will you be able to send or receive emails.

If your mailbox is deactivated in this fashion, your messages will be saved for 90 days. During those 90 days, you can sign into your RealNames account and reactivate the email address to renew for another year and get access to your mailbox and messages again.

Keep your credit card up to date to ensure the auto-renewal goes through!


Click here to see how to reactivate your email address.

Click here to see how to update your billing information to make sure your credit card is up to date.

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    Fred Pullen

    The "here" links are both broken.

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    Yoko Watterson

    Doesn't work. Two years in a row now, it's told me that my billing details are not up to date, and it doesn't renew. And I can't renew manually until it actually expires. And having done so, NOW I can't login to webmail nor can I be sent any email - it bounces. But I CAN login to my account. Go figure.

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    Thanks to the author's very comprehensive description, I was able to completely fix my dilemma after reading this post. I posted my review on the resume, which you may read. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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